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This company is an Antwerp based User Experience (UX) design agency. They help organisations in developing the best possible digital channels, products and services. They have over 10 years of experience and a team of more than 30 members of staff with expertise in the field of ‘user experience’. Since2006

You will:

  • Transform wireframes and visual designs into a high quality front-end prototype (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) or implement them directly into a CMS or framework
  • Specialize in javascript development, with a strong focus on r&d-ing frameworks and libraries and sharing that knowledge with the rest of the team
  • Participate in our constant search for improvement, new and better methods and front-end frameworks
  • Keep performance and graceful degradation in mind
  • Respect good usability and accessibility that also caters for minority groups
  • Work independently and know how to handle working with tight deadlines
  • Efficiently join forces with existing teams, sometimes on location
  • This position requires a number of fundamental skills. You should:
  • Be proficient in HTML & CSS and also be on board with structured and component-based HTML development
  • Be able to identify and solve performance bottlenecks
  • Know how to handle cross browser/device inconsistencies
  • Be able to write custom JavaScript
  • Master the basics of information architecture and interaction design, and respect best practices in those fields
  • Be able to work with version control systems like GIT
  • Be familiar with the basics of PHP
  • Be interested in contemporary frameworks & libraries, for example Node.js, Backbone, React, Polymer and Angular (non-exhaustive list)
  • Be fluent in English

To complete the picture, you preferably:

  • Can gain a quick understanding of new front-end frameworks and you are able to promptly evaluate their pros and cons
  • Know how to work with CSS preprocessors
  • Have some experience with unit testing
  • Are able to interpret and refine visual design input in reference to responsive design and animation

Working at this company is a two-way street. Here is what we offer you:

  • The joys of working with the very best concept designers, UX designers and front-end developers
  • The support of our own methodologies and tools
  • The opportunity to work for clients from a variety of sectors, often in an international context, sometimes abroad
  • The experience of working at a well-respected agency that delivers top quality
  • The guarantee to continue growing professionally
  • An attractive salary package with a few nice extras
  • The comfort of an office in Antwerp, a stone’s throw from the central railway station and other means of public transport

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